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Character Design



Shadow Hunt is a Third-person asymmetrical online multiplayer game intended for replayability. Based on fantasy sci-fi worlds, navigate around a maze filled with various hazards to quickly strategize the best way to hunt or evade your opponent. The evader has multiple exclusive abilities like power dodges, juggernaut and the ability to see live location of every hunter, which the chasing hunters must cohesively counter with their unique role-based abilities like tracking, trapping and catching. Successfully hunt or evade your opponent before the time runs out! The concept of character design expands around futuristic warriors, in a dystopian world. The human body was enhanced by mechanical artificial body parts. Each character has its own distinctive skills and movement. 

The Evader is often running in the game. While designing the appearance of the character, I adopted a trench coat for the outfit design. And equipped the character with technology-feeling running shoes in order to enhance the powerful looking.
The trapper places traps during the gameplay, which the Evader will slow down for a few seconds after stepping on the trap. According to his characteristics, I think it would be a good idea to give him an appearance of Russian Engineer troops, who are proficient in all sorts of weapons. 

Tracker is able to provide accurate distance information. Based on his skill, I gave him an advanced telescope to emphasize the tracker's feature. 

The Hunter’s look design is inspired by the witch hunter. So I’ve designed a hunting outfit for him. 

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